One of the S.A. Top Ten 4 x 4 trails, Rebellie is rated a superior destination,

Driving challenges rated 3 – 5.

Ability to maintain interest

Richness of fauna and flora

Quality or appeal of accommodation

Commitment to preserving / rehabilitating the environment

Charisma of guides / owners

Value for money


The Mountain trail, offers spectacular mountain scenery with views of the Lesotho Low and Highlands and of the Golden Gate National Park.

There are some serious rock climbs and steep ascents to take you to the top of the world. At 2,200 m above sea level it is known as one of the highest trails in the country. Although this route requires sound 4 x 4 experience, it is a winner due to the technical toughness and for its sheer beauty.

The Kloof trail swindles along a natural mountain stream with a picnic spot at its lowest point under an English Willow. Wildlife is often encountered on both trails.


Rebellie is the ideal setting for 4 x 4 clubs to visit , as it offers accommodation for 35 people as well as ample camping space around the Shed with its ablution facilities, kitchen , bar and hall , for those who prefer pitching a tent.

With a maximum of 12 vehicles, the route distance of

32 km can take between 4 and 6 hours to complete. Although Rebellie 4 x 4 trail is self drive; groups can be guided by the manager who is a trained / experienced guide at a tariff.


We have two 4x4 trails The Mountain; Rated 3 – 4 and the “Kloof”; Rated 5 (No single vehicles allowed on the “Kloof”)

We don’t allow Quads and off—road motorbikes on a day visitor’s basis, however, those guests staying with us are welcome to bring their own and ride on the 4x4 trails. NB Restrictions apply to where and when they are allowed.




Caravans and tents are welcome around “The Shed” Maximum 8 tents or caravans - ablutions – in The Shed; Electricity is drawn from the Shed.

An off-road camping spot is also available with basic facilities – (Only accessible to off-road caravans and 4x4 vehicles).




Rebellie, with its variety of game and birdlife, is the ideal retreat for nature lovers. The game consists of Eland, Zebra, Red Hartebeest, Blesbok, Springbok, Black Wildebeest, Grey Rhebok and Mountain Reedbuck.

Binoculars are essential for spotting the timid Eland against the high mountain slopes where they feed on the Oldwood shrubs.




Bring a Newman’s or Sasol bird guide and spot some of the over 100 identified birdspecies, hosted in this area.

Birds of prey thrive in this mountainous region. The Jackal Buzzard is often spotted perching on the boundry fence, high up behind the Elegant Lodge. Frequently seen around accommodation units, are the Sentinal Rock Thrush, Orangebreasted Rockjumper and the Redwinged Starling, which loves nesting under the thatchroofs.

Special appearances of the Secretary Bird are not uncommon. Remember your binoculars.


MOUNTAIN BIKERS AND HIKERS – are welcomed anytime - rates apply




Hiking is not restricted to certain trails. Guests have the freedom of the farm to do game viewing on foot. Test your fitness by challenging the mountain slopes to the top where you will meet up with the 4 x 4 trail. Be sure to take water and / or refreshments as this is serious climbing!

The lower 4 x 4 trail leads to the kloof and a lovely picnic spot under the willows. Relax - enjoy and escape from reality beside the chattering mountain stream. Help yourself to a reviving drink from the uncontaminated spring water, originating high in the mountain.

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