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We specialize in adventures that will get your adrenaline pumping. We offer river rafting, abseiling, paintball, hiking, rock climbing, enduro trails, team building and a variety of day tours.


Fall in with our daily calendar or custom build an experience to your liking! It’s not just for the young or the wild at heart, it’s for everyone!


We provide adventures for any size group corporate, schools or leisure. Let us introduce you to the adventure and tourism capital of the Free State, by organizing an outdoor excursion to remember.


We pride ourselves in the best white water rafting in South Africa, come and enjoy a splash on the Ash, the perfect place to get away from your busy week schedules, great for young and old age 6 to 106. Our experienced guides will lead you down grade III and IV rapids. Our white water rafting trips is scheduled daily.


Clarens Xtreme knows no boundaries, If you seek more adventure on your vacation, we can arrange a wide variety of outdoor getaways to suit all – come and choose your adventure at Clarens Xtreme if it’s hanging of cliffs, getting wet on the Ash River, challenging paintball games or maybe something quiet like our day tour into Lesotho or an introduction to our local Cultural. Let Clarens Xtreme help create wonderful memories of your next vacation.


So don’t sit back and wonder what to do get of your couch and get ready for your next adventure!!!!






An exciting and action packed event for everyone. Players are equipped with special marking guns which fire biodegradable paintballs, accurate to 30 meter. You will need to be quick thinking and resourceful as you attempt to outwit the opposing team.

We offer many different types of games that require stealth strategy and quick thinking. All designed to test your ability to the full in a fun atmosphere. Favorite games like Capture the flag, king of the hill, last man standing and the final FREE for all. Game duration is 1 hour. Age 10 and older. We also offer a V-ball target range with Velcro targets to test your accuracy for ages 6 and older. Our unique paintball venue situated in town in Clarens has a Coffee bean roastary, sports pub, bakery, deli and art gallery, so for those not into the adventure side of live there is something for you.




Come and enjoy a splash on the Ash. Best white water rafting in South Africa. The Ash River just outside Clarens provides year round rafting with 17 rapids, scenic vegetation and outstanding birdlife. White water rafting a great family, friends and corporate adventures from young to old (aged 6 to 106 year). Experienced guides will lead you down grade III and IV rapids in the pristine waters.

We have half and full day trips available. The action packed half day rafting includes all basic equipment needed, transport to and from the river, drinks, snacks and pictures next to our main attraction, Bridge Rapid. Approximate time of trip, three hours pick up to drop off. Minimum 2 persons. Our full day rafting excursions include the exciting bottom section of the river, plus a scrumptious lunch next to the river, all basic equipment needed and transport to and from river provided. Minimum of 6 persons. Most favorite activity for teambuilding.




Abseiling has become an activity in its own right. It is the method climbers use to get off a mountain - or special forces use to descend buildings into enemy territory in adventure movies - but it's fun, and so it’s become available as an adventure sport.

Our abseil experience at Swartland, a 50m high sandstone rock face overlooking our picturesque town Clarens, has an easy hike up the back of the cliff and a vertical drop at the front, it offers breathtaking views which ads spice to this adrenalin packed experience. Our smaller abseil at Bokpoort is a 25m abseil perfect for school groups. It also offers an opportunity to go horse riding in one of the most beautiful areas around our town.

Anybody who can fit into a rock climbing harness can do abseiling.  You don't need strength to hold your weight – our experienced guide will show you an easy technique that acquires very little strength.  The guide also has control over your descent to make sure you are safe. Thus no experience required Abseiling can also be incorporated into your team building or school groups events.




For those who have their own enduro motorbikes or quads but don’t have the venue to ride, we offer guided out rides from Clarens for the day or half day. Get your riding mates together and we can arrange for you a whole weekend out to some outlaying farms in the Clarens area or to Lesotho. We have a variety of package deals available.




Most probably one of the oldest weapons and oldest sport challenge around which has kept man and foe in competition for centuries. With the ever changing technology man has always kept improving equipment to be at their best performance for their needs. Clarens Xtreme archery range at our new adventure park only uses the latest and the best equipment. The "Mathews Genesis" single cam compound bow has a draw weight between 10 and 20 pounds thus making one bow usable for adults and kids. The challenge of hitting the bull is something that kept on driving man in many sports. "Come and put your skill to test with CX"




Clarens Xtreme is an adventure based company working from in town Clarens. Our 2-hour quad bike trips are all guided trips (safe and under control riding). Starting from our Adventure Park Base, moving along the outskirts of town toward one of the town's koppies. Our ride has a constant breathtaking view over town, Golden Gate area and the mighty Maluti Mountains in the backdrop.

We stop for a drink and a bit of historical information of our region at our view point and there after return back to base. On the way to our lookout point and back we encounter various obstacles which are challenging for both man and machine and thus making it more exciting and rewarding than imagined. For the not-so-experienced people you could be carried as a passenger or try some laps around our 600m track. But never doubt yourself and come and give it a go; our guide will look after you.

For those interested in racing, SORRY bring your own quad and come join us on an Enduro ride. All Clarens Xtreme activities start from our base.




Clarens Xtreme is most probably the only tour operating company in South Africa that offers this facility. With staff who has all the experience needed to advise and guide you around the ski resort and slope. Our mini bus shuttle to the ski resort leave almost every morning 06:30 to the resort and arrives back in Clarens at 20:00 Thus no worries for you to drive the roads in Lesotho or to worry about driving home after the few drinks at the pub after your ski experience. Trust in CX to get you save there and back with our full time 4x4 mini bus equipped with winter snow tyres and chains for the snow conditions and drivers that can do the road with there eyes closed (not that we tried that "driving their with our eyes closed").

The Afri Ski resort is situated in Lesotho and you do need a passport to cross the border. Clarens is only two hours away from the Ski Resort. Afri Ski has a 1km ski run, snow board park, restaurant and pub for the after ski party.




We are proud to announce that we have the first ZIP LINES in Clarens. Based at our NEW Adventure Park at The Willows we have 2x 150 meter long ZIP LINES. A zip line is the new glorified name for a "Foefie slide", reason be for the way in which it is build and operated. A zip line is constructed with all equipment being tested and certified according to the international CLARENS EXREME standard. Further more, structural engineers has to sign off the project to be certified safe.


Instead of the conventional foefie slide where one holds on to a handle which is mounted on a pulley to slide down on. Zip lines make use of CE certified equipment, harnesses slings and tandem pully's to tie you in for a slide that wil get your adrenalin pumping and the wind blowing through your hair.




We now offer Fly Fishing in the Clarens town dam. A day pass can be purchased from our offices.






Come experience the king of Africa and other predators as well as a variety of game




Minimum of 2 persons


A combination of ancient African religious tradition and modern day religion. An awe inspiring overhanging sandstone cave where African religious tradition meets up with the modern day religion. Meet the local inhabitants of the cave some traditional herbal and spiritual healers.Experience the tradition of peaceful religious living the modern yet old way.




Minimum of 4 persons


A 2hour hike, a climb up the chain ladder and there you go! The easiest way to the top of the Drakensberg. Where you will find the Tugela waterfall (850m). Second highest waterfall in the world. With a breathtaking view on the well known Amphitheater and Devils Tooth.




Minimum of 2 persons


Basotho cultural village is were you will experience the tradition of the Basotho nation, from the ancient living till the modern-day. Meet the chief of the village and take a sip from his home brewed beer and be welcomed to view his village. On the way to and from the cultural village you will drive thru Golden Gate national park where you will be awe struck by the golden beauty of the sandstone cliffs.




Minimum of 3 persons


Our mountains is packed with a variety of Bushman paintings that illustrates important aspects of the beliefs of the later stone-age mountain Bushman. Visit one of 12 rock art monuments in South Africa.






Minimum 2 persons


Originally a San (Bushmen) shelter, later used by King Moshoeshoe founder of the Basotho nation. Get introduced to the spiral aloe national plant of Lesotho, well preserved busmen paintings and visit the local village where the people still live a live in simplicity. Drink some “Motoho”or taste some of the best home made bread “Madombolo”




Minimum 2 persons


An engineering wonder. Dam wall tours 09:00 & 14:00 (week days) 09:00 & 11:00 (weekends)




Less than two hours drive from Clarens a 1km ski slope. Include ski equipment (June –August)




Depart from Clarens 14:00 to Lesotho, first night stay in Basotho village with family experience traditional food and culture, pony trekking available at B&B. Next morning after breakfast depart to Sani Top Chalets  on route visit Lepofung caves, traditional lunch in Mokhotlong  spend the night at Sani Top with a 1000m drop of cliffs what a view. Next morning after Breakfast return to Clarens arrive in Clarens at 14:00.


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